Practice Make Perfect Lashes

September 6, 2020DBA
Practice Make Perfect Lashes

I think Delhi makeup artists (and Delhi brides for that matter) are famous for dramatic eyes. Most of the inquiries we receive from students in Delhi looking for the Makeup Artist Course  all want to be able to do amazing eye makeup with loud lashes.

We at the Daniel Bauer Academy, have a different approach on all things lashes!!! When it comes to applying lashes, we see two different approaches, one that looks real and one that looks false. Both can equally look amazing if done right and shocking if done wrong. Lashes are all about opening up your eyes and giving a somewhat dramatic effect on your overall look. Personally, I prefer to not use strips as I feel they can age a person, extremely long false-eyelash-strips can look super dramatic but tend to make the person and her makeup look a little dated. Single lashes are equally dramatic but always look far more natural and believable. They are for sure more time-consuming to apply, but generally, look amazing every-time. The key with any type of false-lash, be it strip or singles are to cut them to the natural shape and length of your eye lash-line. If you have ‘hooded eyes’ for example, strip false lashes can actually make your eyes look smaller and pronounce your hooded eye. Not using false lashes can also make your eyes bigger, not everyone needs and should use false lashes.

A few simple steps…

For Strip Lashes I Personally Prefer To Place The Lash (After I Have Cut It To Size) On The Middle Of The Lash Line, Then With A Tweezers Secure The Ends One After Another For Single Lashes, I Prefer To Apply Long Single From The Outside And Work My Way Inwards. This Gives Me A Natural Guide To Help Taper The Thinner Lashes Around The Eye To The Outer And Inner Corners

1. Use Sparingly Your Eye-Lash Glue To Apply The Lashes To Your Water-Line (For Strips), Or In Between Your Existing Lashes If Opting For Singles

2. After Applying Lashes, I Prefer To Conceal The Glue With A Super-Thin Liner Along The Upper Water Line, This Helps To Make The Eyelashes Look More Natural And Hides And Glue Bits That Might Still Be On Show From Setting The Lashes In Place.

3. Don’t Forget To Curl Your Lashes, Always Curl First And Then Mascara, Otherwise, Curling Lashes Which Already Have Mascara Applied Can Potentially Snap Your Real Lashes In Half Or Remove Them Altogether

4. To Help Curl Your Lashes And Have Them Stay Curled For Longer, Heat Up Your Eye Lash Curler With A Hair Dryer, Remembering To Not Have It So Hot That You Can’t Touch It Yourself

5. I Found The Best Eye Lash Glue Is Duo, You’ll Also Need A Good Quality Tweezers And A Mirror…And A Very Steady Hand.

Not everyone applies lashes perfectly the first time or second time, but keep at, having your lashes look perfect is worth the practice. Most eyelash glues are water based, so washing your face will remove the lashes perfectly and more importantly, painlessly.

Practice makes perfect lashes. Have fun

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