Think about this before becoming a makeup artist at an academy

June 27, 2021DBA
Think about this before becoming a makeup artist at an academy

I’m sure everyone reading this is here because they love makeup or dream of becoming a makeup artist and are spending months, if not years looking for the right makeup artist course. Right? Who doesn’t want to do what they love and be financially independent at the same time? With the boom in the makeup and fashion industry and its accessibility, everyone wishes to be a part of this glamour life. But we all forget the most important things to keep in mind before becoming an artist. This article is going to be one of your most interesting reads if you also want to pursue your dream of becoming a makeup artist. We’re going to talk about everything you need to know to mindfully become an artist and do something that feeds your soul.

First things first, to start working as a professional makeup artist, you need to first get trained. Now there are self-taught artists and there are artists who enrolled themselves into one of the best makeup school to learn makeup. Which one should you go for? I’d say both. Go to an academy where they teach you makeup, and also teach you how to have a life-long learning approach so you never ever stop learning.

How to decide which makeup school is best for you? Here are few things to look for in a makeup school that you want to join.

Do they have your back?

It feels so good to know that someone is looking over you and has your back always. Remember to always pick an academy that supports you even after you finish your course with them because that’s when you’ll need them the most. When you’re out in the real world to work, having mentors that teach you not just makeup but also every other thing you’re supposed to know is so important.

Who are your trainers?

It’s very important to learn from someone whose work and career path inspires you. But let’s not forget that it’s even more important to have a teacher who’s warm, approachable, and patient. If your teacher and your academy don’t care for you and continually challenge you to become better every day, it’s not worth it. This is your investment, you need to be certain you have found the ideal right makeup artist course for you

1. What will you learn?

Counting the number of things in your curriculum list won’t help. There are tonnes of academies that add unnecessary items to make the list long, please don’t fall for that.

Marketing gimmicks are easy traps. See the kind of work the alumni of the makeup academy have done to understand what they actually got to learn. The courses at Daniel Bauer Academy are so intensive because we understand and want to prepare you for the rigor of the industry.

2. Look for the past students always.

It’s rare to find makeup academies that are transparent about their students. The success and the kind of work these alumni do tells a lot about how good the academy is. So always do your homework.

3. What courses do they offer?

Look for courses that suit your preferences. It’s important to understand what you want from your career and then find a course that matches your goals. Don’t always go for a one size fits all thing. Remember where you want to settle, see what industries are available there, and what academy will fulfil all your needs to become a successful artist.

4. Real academy or pop-up makeup event?

Choose an academy that’s more like a permanent institution you can always come to instead of going for one-time events. Serious academies who create substantial careers have proper setups for students and their doors should always be open for their students. Being trained in a hotel room …frankly, that will impresses no client


5. What kind of portfolio does the academy provide?

It’s important to keep in mind what field of makeup you want to work in. Whether you want to get into brides, or so print advertising, or television ads, films, or editorials, please see if the portfolios that the academy provides will help you get the kind of work you want to do. When we do our student portfolios at the Daniel Bauer academy, there are zero compromises on the quality of the team that we provide you. We do this so our students are able to step out of the academy and start working in the space of makeup that interests them the most. From mood boards to look designing, our students strive. We make our students’ portfolios look like they’re out of a magazine cover.

Now that you have a fair idea of how to choose your best makeup academy, you need to understand the realities to expect when thinking about becoming a makeup artist. Always remember that being a makeup artist is less about doing makeup and more about business. So here are few important points to keep in mind:


6. Be a good listener

Always listen to the brief and follow it to the T, there’s nothing more important than understanding your client’s requirements perfectly.

7. Market yourself correctly

You can do the best makeup in the world, but if you don’t present your work in front of the right people, nobody will ever know how good you are. They will never realize how much they need you. Practice how to use social media, learn about lighting, photography, editing, taking videos. It’ll help you a lot. Take up an iPhone photography class if you want. Jump on to new trends, make short format videos they’re the best way to gain followers.

8. Have self-control

It’s so easy to spend all your money on makeup products, products you don’t even need. Please have a set budget and only spend a small percentage of your income on buying products.

9. You should research well

Where do you find the best right makeup artist course? When buying products, study a lot about textures, ingredients, their usage, color pay off, etc. You don’t want to buy everything you see on the internet. Another reason why your research skills will help you a lot is to understand fashion, the history of beauty makeup, study trends, and have better judgment and knowledge. This will play a huge role and make your life easy when you design makeup looks for different projects.

10. Have patience

Being a successful makeup artist doesn’t happen as easily as it looks. To start getting the right kind of projects, the kind you like may take more time than you think. It’s very important to have faith and consistency in creating more and more high-quality portfolios. Hard work is overrated, consistency pays off.

11. Practice and willingness to learn

No practice is enough practice when doing makeup. It’s a skill you need to constantly work on and get better. Learning never ends as an artist, you will always see new trends coming and going and it’s important to always have an open mind and be interested in learning. Change is the only constant and one should learn to unlearn always. The right makeup artist course can make or break your career. Invest wisely.

12. You have to be physically and mentally strong

Being a makeup artist requires long hours of standing and working. You might have night shifts or day shifts, you may not always have your best chair so maintaining easy posture always is not possible. You will always be on your toes, after the makeup comes constant touch-ups. Hence, it is very important to be physically strong and take care of your body. Also, wear comfortable shoes and clothes so these things don’t make you uncomfortable and distract you from your work. And finally, being mentally strong is super important too. You will come across rude people, not-so-cooperative ones, but please don’t ever give up, learn to deal with people, and keep your mind calm. Never let people’s opinions affect you or your art. It is also crucial to be able to handle rejection well.

13. Maintain hygiene

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to maintain personal hygiene and your makeup kit’s hygiene as well. As a makeup artist, you’re standing so close to your model, and it’s always important to have clean and nice smelling hands, groomed nails, have a fresh breath, and have no body odor. Even your makeup kit should always always be squeaky clean, wiped, sanitized, and fresh. Makeup brushes and sponges need extra attention, give it to them!

14. Understand the color wheel thoroughly

As a makeup artist, if you understand the color wheel properly, it’s going to make your life very easy and take you places. I know it sounds so basic and easy, but it’s actually not. At the Daniel Bauer academy, we teach our students the color wheel in so much depth. No kidding! We’re literally the only academy that teaches it so well. This is just one of the many many reasons why we are know for having the best right makeup artist course in town

15. Build the best portfolio

Many makeup artists focus on the number of portfolios instead of quality of right makeup artist course, and that’s not good. When hiring a makeup artist, clients want to see how good you are with different skin types, and techniques, your eye makeup detailing, etc. They don’t want to see the same look in ten different colors. Another important thing is to have the best team for photoshoots. Again, bad lighting can make even the best makeup looks awful, so always collaborate with good photographers and models to get the best outcome. All our Daniel Bauer Academy student photoshoots are done by the topmost fashion photographers and senior models of the country. Why compromise on quality, yeah?

So we have now discussed a lot of important aspects you need to think about before wanting to become an artist. There’s really so much that needs to be worked out to become a successful makeup artist, that is exactly why the Daniel Bauer Academy created courses that don’t just include teaching makeup and hair but also have a lot of attention given to shaping careers and building the best portfolios and personalities. We groom students in every way possible, and we all know how worked out for all our students (wink wink).

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