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Yes, Daniel teaches each and every makeup class. Florian is responsible for our hair class teaches each of the hair classes.
We take great pride in being the best makeup academy in Mumbai and in Delhi. This is a title we take care to ensure for each batch. We measure of selves not by the volume of students we teach, but by the success of the students we have thought.

"What we teach in Mumbai is what we teach in Delhi and what we teach in Delhi is what we teach in Mumbai"
Daniel Bauer, founder

The key to any successful artist is practice. Great artists are not made in the class room, but in the real world on different jobs. We believe student development needs to happen both in the class room and in real world shoot situations. We have structured our course to allow all out students the maximum amount of time to both practice what we have shown them in class and apply in the real world as they continue to grow and learn in the academy.

This is out most important questions and we answer the same way to each and every student. Don’t wait to finish before you start. From month 3 onwards we actively encourage all our students to start working, be it with the models and photographers they shoot with originally for their first portfolio shoot or with many of out other student alumni.

One common mistake students make is believing there is different types of beauty makeup and hair, the simple truth is that there is only one type, great makeup and hair. Yes indeed there are ‘bridal looks’, but not bridal makeup. We teach all our students to create great makeup and hair, whatever the brief is
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