Does the Grid Layout in Instagram really help makeup artists showcase their work?

February 26, 2022Best makeup academy
Does the Grid Layout in Instagram really help makeup artists showcase their work?

Instagram is all about visual stories and is considered a perfect way to showcase your portfolio as a makeup artist. As a pro, figure out which format works to display your most recent creative work.

We sort out the confusion of the ‘grid layout’ in Instagram and how you can leverage it for yourself.

Does the ‘grid’ layout matter to makeup artists?

Instagram is about the number of followers you have.It is important to know how to display photo shoots. Will using the grid layout create an avant-garde showcase for the portfolio? As a makeup artist you also have an opportunity to be an influencer. The grid gives the perfect profile vision ora bird’s view for your professional work as an influencer. This format gives consistency and style to your kind of work. It enables you to focus on the aesthetics and gives the message across to potential clients how a subject is approached.

Grid snapshot to use

You need a proper vision to create a layout. A stylist creates the mood for a photo shoot and the same essential principles are applied here. Dig out some styles that suit your portfolio. Try out different layouts for editorial, fashion shoots, cinema and television. You have a choice of a color palette, so, go ahead be creative. It gives the instavibe and don’t forget to use the filters. They add up to the rainbow stories to tell.

Grid Alert!

As a professional do remember that it is not the grid or any other layout that is important. It may not be suitable or work in your favor. The engagement may come down. As an artist it more critical to collaborate and work with the right people in the industry. Working with a reputed photographer and stylist will do wonders. Hence, showcasing in grid or any other format will not get the traction.

Makeup is an art

Doing makeup is an art and a fantastic way to express yourself and the emotions of various clients. For years the same shades and tones are in use. But what qualifies as ‘art’is what you do in theater, runways and editorials. Once done the magic can be revived on various social media platforms. Instagram will remain a favorite with many professionals who wish to express themselves online. However, it is strength of your portfolio which will determine your worth not the layout.

Get work through Instagram

As an artist in a competitive field seek alternative ways to get work. The magic always lies in using the same platform with ingenuity. Instagram offers it on a platter to makeup artists. If you wish to get new clients, why not take the business advantage of this popular platform.  The conversations here are not one-sided and you get direct interaction with potential clients. You get their feedback and opportunity to work with a direct message.

Sell your personality to diverse clients. The combination of rare skills and personality attracts people easily. All new viewers can check testimonials and feedback before working with you. Imagine getting a bridal makeup contract with a short insta reel or nicely laid out photos?

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