Makeup Artists Vs Beauty Influencers

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Makeup Artists Vs Beauty Influencers

They say the only makeup a girl needs is a nice smile. But makeup is an art and beauty is the spirit behind it. Together, they can reveal secrets and empower a lady’s confidence. The magic lies in approaching the right professionals. Some women swear by their social media influencers while others prefer the makeup artists. What are the key differences that divide Makeup Artists from online beauty influencers? Who should you follow to grasp the right skills to enhance the natural beauty?

Daniel Bauer Academy is one of the best makeup academy in India which helps many people to discover their potential skills. Through various informational posts it adds value to its academic courses.

How can one distinguish between an influencer on social media or a makeup artist whose approach is not just to flatter but enhance the tonal quality of the client’s face?

There are key differences between the two begin with the description.

Beauty influencers:

They are gurus who have a tremendous social media following with their knowledge and skills to do makeup. They work with cosmetic brands and companies who use them to promote their products. Popular influencers share tricks and tips to apply makeup according to the latest trends. Since they are popular with many followers they ‘influence’ various companies get traffic to use their products by even paying them to talk or make videos and podcasts.

BIG DIFFERENCE: Beauty Influencers are not professional makeup artists who have a license or certificate to work.

Makeup Artists:

This is an altogether different breed of skilled professionals. They use different cosmetics to alter the visage of the client. They know about contouring, applying versatile methods of makeup depending on the event. For example, the applications will differ for weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots for print media, actors who work in cinema and television. They are duly trained in institutes where various courses are taught.

In India, professional makeup courses in Mumbai are very popular. As the city is a hub for cinema & television and fashion many aspirants get enrolled for training and doing workshops

What else clearly differentiates Makeup Artists from Beauty Influencers?

A beauty influencer on the other hand maybe paid to push a certain lipstick or a foundation cream or eye liner brand. They do prove that beauty is not just skin deep but covering all the flaws: even if it means to conceal or make fuller eye brows or use heavy foundation.

Makeup artists can be influencers with their own standing in the social media as they are trained and certified. They are subtle with their working style and do not promote any particular cosmetic.

If you want to follow the footsteps of iconic MUAs in India and in the west, there is nothing like being trained officially. Daniel Bauer has created the best makeup academy in India for aspiring artists who follow their passion. You can choose from the best makeup courses in Mumbai or other cities like New Delhi or Bangalore.


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