The best ever course at the best ever makeup academy in India

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The best ever course at the best ever makeup academy in India

The Daniel Bauer Academy is super excited to launch our latest course called the Industry Ready Plus
Course and we are over the moon. Now, Daniel Bauer Academy Delhi and Mumbai will conduct this
amazing course and continue being the best ever makeup academy in India.

Industry Ready course made us the best ever makeup academy in India, and the only thing better
than that is the Industry Ready Plus course. This is a twelve-month long course divided into two
parts – training and work experience. The first six months of the course is where all our students are
going to be training with Daniel and Placid, and then they start assisting our team on all the different
projects. This journey cannot be complete without our topmost photoshoots, and the students get
five of them during the course.

We are already the only academy in India with such successful students working in the makeup
industry, and now by adding the internships, and extra photoshoots, I think we’re ready with the
sure shot formula of how to have a successful career as a freelancer makeup and hair artist.

Students from the Daniel Bauer Academy Delhi and Mumbai are always part of the biggest projects
in the fashion and entertainment industry. So far, they have worked on numerous celebrities,
Bollywood films, music videos, and fashion reality shows like India’s Next Top Model, Supermodel of
The Year, Myntra Fashion Superstar, and fashion shows like Lakme Fashion Week, FDCI’s India
Couture Week, Bombay Times Fashion Week, and so much more. Daniel Bauer Academy students
are also the favourites of all the A lister designers like Manish Malhotra, Rahul Mishra, Tarun
Tahiliani, Falguni & Shane, etc. Ad directors, production houses, and creative directors of magazines
and brands love working with our students too.

We are often asked as to why do we have gaps between classes, and why Daniel Bauer Academy
doesn’t have back-to-back classes, and our answer to this is very simple. We believe in lifelong
learning. Education doesn’t end at giving makeup demonstrations. A good artist is always someone
who has mastered their technique, speed and eye beautifully, and we try to get every student to
reach that level before they graduate from our school.

In the Industry Ready Plus course, or any course at the Daniel Bauer Academy, the first few weeks
are only dedicated to mastering skin work and getting the most flawless, Goddess like base. Always
remember that to work in the editorial or ad campaign area, you need to have the most dreamy
beauty makeup skills, and now we know why most of our students are doing so well in the ad, print
campaign and editorial sector.

Our hairstyling classes are also designed in a way where we don’t count the number of hairstyles
taught to you, rather we focus on teaching you ALL the techniques you need to create any hairstyle
in the world. Our hair classes are very intense and our trainer is like a river of knowledge, no
wonder all our students are so fond of him.

The portfolio shoots at Daniel Bauer Academy are no doubt atleast ten years ahead of the Indian
market and more advanced than any other makeup academy in India, and this is what makes our
students so successful. We are known for our placements and photoshoots and these are the most
important things a makeup artist needs to focus on to build a successful career. Daniel Bauer
Academy photoshoots happen with the biggest fashion and editorial photographers of our country
and also led by the creative director of Femina and Filmfare.

These photographers have worked with hundreds of Bollywood’s fashion icons, which also means
that they’ve even worked with all their makeup artists over the last decade. So someone who has
such immense knowledge about makeup, and who is not a makeup artist, is such a brilliant mentor
for all our students so they learn to look at their own makeup from a different perspective, through
the lens of a great photographer.

We know that the Industry Ready Plus course is going to be the best course ever in India because the
internships provided to our students will give such a boost to their career, help them learn so much
better and become the great artists they were meant to be. Find me a better course than this now,
will you? Bet you can’t

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