Get the perfection foundation with these 3 products at the the iconic makeup artist course from Daniel Bauer

May 29, 2021Makeup Tips
Get the perfection foundation with these 3 products at the the iconic makeup artist course from Daniel Bauer

At the Daniel Bauer Makeup Academy, we are totally cool with breaking the rules. Daniel himself is firm believer in not following the rules when it comes to makeup,..BIG BIG BUT, there are a few technical steps which will always have you and your makeup looking fantastic. Finding the right makeup artist course which that your the real stuff…now that’s good stuff.

Foundation; you ideally need 3 different products to achieve the perfect base. Corrector, concealer and foundation. The perfect foundation is all about achieving flawless skin, using these 3 different products together will help remove acne marks, reduce dark under-eyes and evenly smoothen our your skin. You will never achieve these results with just a foundation alone. These products are relatively inexpensive and make the world of difference when uses correctly together.

Daniel Bauer Makeup Academy The Perfect Foundation Makeup Infographic

Highlighting; when used in the rights areas of his face, it can make you look like a million dollars, sadly, I see a lot of times people using it in a way that has the complete opposite desired affect of making the fave looking plumper and even swollen and bruised. Highlighting the tip of your nose will have your nose looking bigger and almost bulbous. The same is the of highlighting your cheeks along with you cheek bones. Highlighting need to be used in areas of your face where you have bones…thus making your face look more oval and slender

Fear of the wrong choice;
A friend once told me There is no such thing as an ugly person; there is only ugly makeup. I believe makeup is a reflection of character, if the rules say red lipsticks don’t ‘fit’ your skin tone, but it’s the perfect match for your personality, then 100% go for red, or any colour which makes you feel like you. Who you are is hands down the most Important factor factor in deciding what make and shade works for you. Let the fashion police stay locked up along with their advice.  Wherever you decide to learn makeup, make sure yo find the makeup artist course which reflects who you are.

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