The best makeup school in Delhi nailing the FDCI like nobody’s business

The best makeup school in Delhi nailing the FDCI like nobody’s business

At the Daniel Bauer Academy, every student reaches a point where they realize that becoming a makeup artist is very little about just doing pretty makeup, it’s so much more. To work on a placement, there’s just so much more you’re expected to know than just makeup and hairstyling. After opening the Daniel Bauer Academy in Delhi we quickly became the best makeup school in Delhi in no time because we really produce talented artists. Anyone can do makeup, but you can’t be an artist without understanding how to work on a shoot, pull off brand campaigns, do fashion TV and shows. This is what gives our students the edge.


Daniel Bauer Academy believes in having an integrated approach to teaching. Integrated learning means combining what you learn in the classroom, whether it’s theory or technique, with the solution of real-world problems for real world “people”. This is exactly what we want for all our students. Nothing can beat what on-field experience teaches you.


When on a shoot, there are certain things that an artist should work on and be good at. Yes, having good makeup and hairstyling skills is one of them, just one of them! Other things that an artist needs to be able to do are, firstly have a very good attitude with your people, and have an eye for beauty and fashion. Having a good sense of aesthetics always helps. Makeup artists should also know how to design the right kind of makeup looks for the person sitting on your chair, and have an understanding of character and design. Never underestimate the importance of having a bang on mood board for every shoot you’re working on. The Daniel Bauer academy students create no less than Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar level mood boards, I assure you.


The kind of training provided to our students is such that they’re ready to start working in the makeup and hairstyling industry. In the recent times, among all the assignments we have given to our students, here are our runway shows I’d like to talk about.


Lakmé Fashion Week

Daniel Bauer and this academy have been a part of LFW for as long as anyone can remember. The high tensions and excitement backstage at the Lakme Fashion Weeks are like no other job. This show is one of the biggest in all of India, working with the top most designers, models, productions and of course makeup and hair teams. Over the course of the one-week show, we try to schedule in as many of our artists as possible to give everyone the opportunity of working backstage. Our team gets amazing pictures for their portfolios considering we work with all the top designers and models of our country. They work with Daniel Bauer himself heading the entire team and get his personal guidance on planning and executing looks. This job in particular trains our artists to work under extreme pressure and time constraints, thus enabling them to perform better. We’ve worked on models both male and female along with the best designers of India. Some of these designers are Shantanu & Nikhil, Anamika Khanna, Amit Aggarwal, Falguni and Shane, Manish Malhotra and Payal Singhal. Being a part of this project also brings about a strong sense of teamwork, efficiency and hard work in our students.


FDCI (Fashion Design Council of India)


Our team has been chosen to work on the two biggest shows of this season. Manish Malhotra for the opening show and Rahul Mishra for the grand finale. Last year, we had the best time working with Falguni and Shane for their FDCI show. We could not be more elated and prouder to have been part of this experience. Under the guidance of our lead trainer Simone, we have created some ethereal and iconic looks. The new age of virtual shows has come as quite a change to the entire fashion world and things aren’t as they used to be. However, some things such as the energy and excitement in the makeup room will never change. Being Delhi’s largest bridal couture show, we had the opportunity to integrate most of our students from Delhi and north India. Shot in the gorgeous backdrop of the Leela Palace, the gorgeous outfits and beautiful faces of many top models were an absolute delight and honor to work with. Manish Malhotra himself was incredibly supportive and in adulation of our work. The work from this show gave our artists an incredible boost in confidence and in addition, their portfolios will become much stronger. Thank you FDCI for making us the best makeup school in Delhi. We’re sure they did us all so proud.

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