Are you enrolling for a makeup course in India? 7 important things to consider

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Are you enrolling for a makeup course in India? 7 important things to consider

If you are keen on becoming a certified makeup artist, choosing the right institute makes all the difference. Achieving your career goals with a strong foundation is critical to bank roll your objectives. When it comes to a steady career in competitive fields like fashion and beauty you cannot ignore few applicable factors.

Daniel Bauer Academy is on the forefront of offering‘industry ready’ makeup and hair styling courses. As the best makeup academy in India, it attracts passionate students to learn and earn. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to train people who wish to make a mark in this industry. You can enrol in any of our courses in Mumbai, New Delhi or Bangalore.

7 factors at a glance

  • Finances to enrol
  • Skill and makeup kits
  • Reputation of the makeup academy
  • Career plan after training
  • Quality of training at the academy
  • Communication & business development skills
  • Getting paid clients to earn money

Fees for the makeup course

To grab top assignments in India and overseas, take admission in the right makeup institute even if the fees are high. The payment plans for fees include easy EMIs for the entire one-year course. It is very important to have the finances required to learn under reputed master trainer. Just as any other college where you pay fees, the same goes for a makeup academy in Mumbai like artist factory India. No institute provides free training or techniques to become a professional artist. Learning and training comes at a cost. If you are considering a top makeup academy in Delhi, we cut down the research with this information.

Skills & makeup kits

Without hands-on skill it is not possible to get work in the fashion and beauty industry. With a raw ability and consistent training students can catch marque assignments. By practicing in workshops and understanding details of skilful contouring you can handle different clients. An institute polishes your inherent talent and allows creative expression for publications and fashion events. Workshops and live events offer opportunities to students which are essential tools in the real world.

Is the institute good?

A good quality makeup academy is known for experienced and well-known teachers. They have worked with some of the best fashion projects in India and overseas. Testimonials of previous students will help you how they have been taught and placed. After certification they are practicing the craft confidently and independently.You can call your teachers for guidance and advice even after passing out. No free online course or short stints offers such alternatives.

Why choose the Daniel Bauer Academy?

We offer,‘industry ready’ courses to make a successful career. The main makeup curriculum is an intensive 1-year program with a 360-degree curriculum. It is the most recommended route to beat competition.

  • We have a presence in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore in India.
  • Recognised brand in India for placements after certification.
  • Students work with the best quality makeup products, brushes and foundations.
  • Testimonials by previous students are genuine.
  • They have a good success rate in making professional careers with paid gigs.
  • We are proud of our alumni success who are doing good work.

Communications and business development

In today’s competitive environment just knowing the craft is not enough. You have to go out there, network and get clients.  Apart from gaining technical proficiency, it is important to develop communications and business development skills. Get ready to work by incorporating social media strategies to showcase your work. Network with fashion photographers, editorial people, designers and brand marketing teams. These factors are calculated when students enrol at India’s top makeup academy in Delhi or Mumbai.

Experience what professional value comes by enrolling with an established Daniel Bauer Academy.

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